Marc Schare for Worthington Board of Education

Support Marcís Campaign



Thank you for support. While I donít accept monetary contributions, I would be very grateful for your support in any of the following areas:


Literature Distribution in your community

Yard Signs

Host a coffee for me to meet you and your neighbors


If you really, really want to contribute money, please consider making a donation to the Worthington Education Foundation. The WEF runs a competitive grant program where Worthington teachers submit proposals to fund new and creative projects and the WEF grant committee picks the projects they want to fund. If you are a believer if educational innovation, the WEF is helping our teachers make it happen.  If educational innovation isnít your thing, there are a wide variety of worthy causes and charities in our community, including:


The Worthington Food Pantry

Worthington AM or PM Rotary

Worthington Lions Club


And, of course, a number of booster clubs and activity clubs throughout the district,or your local PTA.