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How should someone determine how well a school district is performing, academically?  It’s not an easy question. In Ohio, there are two metrics that are commonly employed, the Performance Index and the “Value Add” scores. As a general rule (and a gross oversimplification), the performance index measures raw student achievement on standardized tests and the Value Add metric measures student growth between two points in time. Both are important to get a handle on how well a school district is performing academically.


One of the realities that our school district has had to deal with in my first two terms is that of economic diversity. As the economy went through a major recession, we’ve seen more and more children from homes that are below the federal guidelines for poverty and more children for whom English is not their primary language. In fact, between 2002 and 2012, Worthington has experienced the largest increase in children qualifying for free and reduced price lunch in all of Franklin County. Some of our schools are approaching 50% of students qualifying for a free/reduced price lunch.


Educational research is conclusive that educating these children is more challenging if for no other reason than their parents cannot afford to augment their education at home. Our district has had to adapt to make sure that the needs of all of our students are met and this has been one of our greatest academic challenges over the last few years.


In addition, our district has taken steps to make sure that our academically gifted kids remain challenged throughout their careers. We are offering AP classes, the WKHS International Baccalaureate program and a bevy of Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) opportunities. Our Superintendent has set a district objective that a significant percentage of graduates will earn enough credit to start their college careers as sophomores.


Once again, this page is not intended to take credit for the work of our students, teachers and administrators. The Board and our Superintendent have put into place policies and goals reflecting a mandate that every student in our district, every one, is expected to succeed academically and work to their full potential. I hope to continue to help make that aspirational goal a reality. 



District Report Cards

District Performance Index

District Value-Add rankings




District Report Cards


2012-2013       (24 out of 24 standards met, performance index 103.9 pending upward revision from ODE, Value Add A)

2011-2012       (26 out of 26 standards met, performance index 103.9, Adequate Yearly Progress Met, Value Add Above)

2010-2011       (26 out of 26 standards met, performance index 103.1, Adequate Yearly Progress Met, Value Add Met)

2009-2010       (26 out of 26 standards met, performance index 102.1, Adequate Yearly Progress Met, Value Add Met)

2008-2009       (29 out of 30 standards met, performance index 102.6, Adequate Yearly Progress Met, Value Add Above)

2007-2008       (28 out of 30 standards met, performance index 101.9, Adequate Yearly Progress Not Met, Value Add Above)


Individual School Report Cards can be found here.


District Performance Index


District Value-Add Ranking: 68th in the state out of 832 public school districts and community schools. 




BOE Representative – Race to the Top Committee: 2011-2013

Member: Governor Strickland’s Institute on Creativity and Innovation in Education: 2008-2010


My primary academic focus has been through my work on the district’s “Race to the Top” committee. The committee has representatives from our teachers and administrators and has had three primary focus areas.


1) The use of data to guide instructional practice

2) A methodology to fairly and objectively evaluate teachers

3) Implementation of a curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards




















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