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Welcome, and thank you for clicking on my decidedly low tech web site.This fall, I will be running for my third term on Worthingtonís Board of Education. I am proud to be running on my record because I am proud of where we are as a district.No Board Member can or should take credit for the achievements of the students, faculty and staff in our district, however, it is the job of the Board of Education to set policy and the policies put in place by my colleagues and I, both formal and informal, have helped to create something pretty special in our community. In these pages, I hope to celebrate those accomplishments while providing some thoughts for my third term if I am privileged enough to be re-elected.  


There is a lot of information, but I am most proud of our record in three areas:financial, academic, and providing additional choices for students. In addition, Iíve made available speeches Iíve given at Board Meetings on the topic of the day. Agree or disagree, you will always know where I stand.


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